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Pranalife Yoga with Asia Nelson

at Studio Energi 60 Bathurst Drive
Waterloo Ontario
N2V 2A9

Welcome to Pranalife Yoga with Asia Nelson! Pranalife is not a studio; rather, it?s an invigorating style of yoga that builds strength, stamina, balance, and flexibility. In each session, Asia draws from her experience and passion to meet you where you are ? and often takes you beyond where you think you can go. Every Pranalife Yoga class is taught in a progressive Ashtanga style. We move through postures using the breath, beginning in basic poses and introducing layers of advanced options so you can move as deeply as you need in each class, every time.

Offers classes & workshops in:

Ashtanga, Vinyasa

Additional information:

Contact Asia at asia@pranalife.ca, or check out Pranalife Yoga at www.pranalife.ca for more information. See you on the mat!