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Nelumbo Yoga Therapy

450 Bronte St. S #212
Milton Ontario Milton
L9T 8T2

Yoga Therapy is a process of creating health and healing where health may be limited. At nelumboyoga therapy we apply yogic techniques by a certified yoga therapist, to the needs of people with specific or persistent health problems not usually addressed in a group yoga class. We offer you a plan of action work in Relationship With Your Body instead of viewing it as a problem, a series of obstacles, blocks or issues. As a certified yoga therapist and counsellor, I am versed in modern physiology, human anatomy, structural therapy, the most recent pain and chronic pain research, including chronic issues such as: *back pain *cancer support *fibromyalgia *anxiety and stress reduction *high blood pressure *heart disease *limited mobility *trauma We promote lifestyle modifications based on yogic techniques for people with medical conditions. Yogic techniques include: *therapeutic yoga poses (asanas) that promote healing *mind-body awareness *guided relaxation methods (Yoga Nidra) *Ayurvedic nutritional guidance based on client’s specific health needs *deep breathing techniques (Pranayama) to promote greater circulation, relaxation and decreased pain response. Together we will co-develop a step-by-step program based on formal questionnaires, physical assessments of mobility and range of motion, medical history, open discussion and counselling. Nelumbo yoga therapy co creates with you to develop realistic goals, and set a time frame of achievable, specific steps. We will investigate obstacles to goals, where the imbalance lies, and all manners in which balance may be restored, while also gently holding you accountable to your program.

Offers classes & workshops in:

Basic, Cancer Program, Gentle, Meditation, Restorative, Senior`s Program