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Elation Centre

360 Kirkwood Ave North Suite 201
Ottawa Ontario Westboro
K1Z 8P1

At Elation Centre: ◾We love Yoga ~ the spiritual, physical and mental strength is gives us ◾We love to Run ~ and cycle, and hike and ski and snowshoe ◾We love Good Food ~ and sharing the many benefits of Vegan eating and living Our on-going Yoga, Running and Nutrition classes educate, empower and enrich your life, helping you stay fit, healthy and strong. As busy wives, mothers, daughters and business owners we know how to make it fit into a busy life and we look forward to sharing our wisdom with you. We believe in the power of community for personal growth and we make space in our programs and classes for everyone to find their individual fit. The elation that comes from being healthy and in balance ripples out and brings joy to those we meet. What could be better? Join us and get high on life.

Offers classes & workshops in:

Family, Gentle, Karma, Mom and Baby, Power, Prenatal, Vinyasa