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Linda McGill

Brampton Ontario
905-796-1623 Ext.2

What is Reconnective Healing? Reconnective Healing? allows you to experience a broader reality as you engage in this evolutionary bandwidth of energetic light and information. When you make contact with these frequencies, your consciousness expands to connect with your multidimensional nature which gives you the experience of connecting to your essence and discovering who you really are. In the presence of this experience, obstacles that separate you from your divine connection to the perfection of the universe (whether they are physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or even combinations of these), are removed. The illusions, that separate you from your truth and what you have been called to do, fall away as they are unable to hold on to this higher vibration of light. Energetically it re-aligns you with your divine blueprint and allows for the alleviation of dis-ease on all levels.