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Authentika Studios

298 Marsland Drive, Unit B
Waterloo Ontario
N2J 3Z1
226 647 7533

Authentika Studios boasts an intimate Yoga studio with an ambiance that promotes a quieting of the mind as well as a sanctuary for those looking to explore one of the eight limbs of Yoga - asanas (body postures). Here we practice Hatha for all. Whether you are a beginner or someone well established in your practice, we have a class for you. What does asana mean? Is it a Sanskrit word for "staying" or "abiding" and represents the practice of physical postures in yoga. The benefits of this form of Yoga include improved health, strength, balance and flexibility. Asanas are also used as a method of calming the mind and moving inward to your essence of being or true Self. In the practice of Yoga, these asanas, or poses, guide you on an exploration of your mental attitudes as they strengthen your will to release and move into a state of grace by expanding your levels of consciousness. Yoga is a healing and reflective modality for nurturing the mind, body and spirit connection. Attend a class today and begin reaping the benefits.

Offers classes & workshops in: