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Life Yoga Studio

61 James Snow Parkway Unit 203
Milton Ontario
L9T 0R3

Milton's only dedicated, regular temperature yoga studio open 7 days a week! Our main goal at Life Yoga Studio is to make sure you have fun with your practice. We are all wacky, fun instructors that definitely don't take Yoga too seriously. Life Yoga Studio is a non-heated Yoga studio because we believe you have the right to enjoy Yoga without panting, frizzy hair and heat rashes. We are not here to freak you out, we are here to relax you and help you burn calories, if that floats your boat. We are westernized and take what we believe is a modern, Western approach to Yoga (leave your Sanskrit-English translator book at home) that means all of our poses are introduced in English and we promise, no embarrassing chanting or forced laughter yoga in our regular scheduled classes. We appreciate that some of these practices are adored by some yogi's so we have arranged workshops for you to chant and laugh until your heart is content. We believe every Yogi has the right to personal attention so our classes have a maximum capacity of 16 students. We want your life to be as easy and approachable off that mat as it is on the mat. So that means in the last 15 minutes of every class, you get to enjoy an 8 minute corpse pose followed by a 7 minute, guided seated meditation or breathing techniques to send you off feeling like you left La La Land. You're welcome. Life Yoga Studio boasts 12 ft ceilings, beautiful warm lit chandeliers, large windows and sheer, elegant curtains to create a beautiful ambiance complimented by modern, sleek, soft flooring. All cleaning products used at Life Yoga Studio are eco friendly and naturally derived. We are so excited to welcome you to Life Yoga Studio so you can enjoy a unique, fun Yoga experience and rave about it to all your friends.

Offers classes & workshops in:

Anusara, Beginner, Gentle, Hatha, Karma, Restorative, Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Therapy