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Asanga Meditation Center ~ Tracy Austin

1260 Journey's End Circle Unit 15
Newmarket Ontario Davis Drive & 404
L3Y 8Z7
1 289-552-2400

Meditate with Tracy at Asanga meditation Centre, in Newmarket, has just opened its door in 2017. We are offering mindfulness-based courses (Vipassana) as well as additional workshops (see website). A wonderful place to go and learn meditation or mature a meditation practice. . This is a dedicated meditation center founded by director Tracy Austin, M.A., (RP) whose mission is to transmit the power of meditation in helping to transform one's inner life and deepen connection to one's self. With great lectures, meditation techniques and individual focus in groups -- we are building a powerful center for connection and growth. We invite people of all ages and backgrounds to join us. Tracy says, " It is hard to learn Meditation properly from reading a book or from intellectual knowledge. The direct experiential practice in a group and with an experienced teacher over the duration of a structured course with the same group members provides a great opportunity to really get the right learning and benefits. Enjoy the connection as we move together as a safe group, building skills and learning to create inner happiness and peace. " Asanga Meditation Center in Newmarket is located in a private commercial complex on the ground floor of a two story building with plenty of free and private parking right in front of the building. [It is a one minute drive off the 404 & Davis Drive. Bus transportation off Davis Drive makes for an easy 5″ walk.]

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Tracy Austin, B.A., M.A., (psych) (RP), is the founder & director of The Asanga Meditation Centre in Newmarket. She is a popular meditation teacher who has been teaching meditation to her students in the GTA for over 15 years. She specializes in mindfulness-based meditation (Vipassana); and, has studied Tibetan (Vajrayana), and Zen meditation. She inspires people around Toronto and the GTA to find greater freedom and joy by learning to be present and to awaken to their natural wisdom within. Tracy has taken numerous eastern and meditative programs from many advanced teachers. She has a Masters degree from the well-known Buddhist University, Naropa, in Boulder, Coloardo. Her mindfulness-based programs are based on the widely respected program developed by Jon Kabbat-Zin, founder for the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts. As well as teaching meditation, she has been in a very busy private practice as a psychotherapist in the York Region area for many years.