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Yoga4U - The Yoga & Reiki Studio

13 Bonavista Drive
Brampton Ontario
L6X 0N2

Yoga4U is a haven, where you can begin the journey to self-healing. It is a home-based studio where we will guide you towards your goal. Our staff is certified at an international level and also mastered the power of Reiki healing. Yoga4U provides different yoga services such as beginner classes, advanced / flow classes, and unique theme classes. We teach Hatha yoga which develops control over the mind and body. We teach the foundation that is necessary for exploring and stabilizing the body, the breath, the mind and the soul.

Offers classes & workshops in:

Beginner, Chair Yoga, Family, Gentle, Hatha, Karma, Meditation, Restorative, Yin

Additional information:

Namaste Yogis! My name is Gayatri Pathak and I am a certified yoga instructor and Reiki healer. My spiritual journey began when I was just a little girl in India. I started yoga as a young child with my father, as he was a very spiritual believer and believed in the power of yoga. Since then, yoga has been my passion and I finally decided to become a Yoga Teacher. My motive is to teach traditional and modern Yoga to the community and guide you through your own individual spiritual journey. Facetune_09-06-2018-21-49-12 Prior to becoming a yoga instructor, I had spent 20 years in the corporate world in the accounting field. I have seen what that type of work stress has on people and how they carry it around on their shoulders, only weighing them down a dark path. I am very passionate about helping other people and uplifting them by teaching them the way down a more positive path. I would like to help people in the corporate world reduce work stress by teaching Yoga at corporate offices. I would also like to help the community, seniors and also children to create a new positive lifestyle that will benefit them emotionally, mentally and physically. I would like to join a studio or also community centers as a yoga instructor to teach yoga and contribute my knowledge of Yoga. I am a positive person and have seen and absorbed life by learning life lessons that yoga offers. I feel and have seen change in myself since my own Yoga training by practicing Yoga every day. I have learned and truly believe that Yoga is a mindful exercise where you feel each and every move of your body, where you observe each and every breath you take, and where you have a moment to be with your soul.