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Part-time and Continuing Education
Waterloo Ontario

Yoga... `Yoga is the world`s oldest holistic system of self-development, integrating body, mind, and spirit. Yoga encompasses a tremendous diversity of teachings and techniques. Yet, all schools of yoga commit to the common task of cultivating health, fostering personal growth and supporting spiritual transformation. The full expression of yoga is a holistic lifestyle grounded in spiritual principles that expand consciousness and cultivate compassion`... a quote from the Kripalu Institute. Now is the time to become a yoga teacher. A recent poll indicates that 18 million Americans practice yoga on a weekly basis, a number that is growing rapidly and expected to continue to grow. Maybe like others, you`re seeking opportunities to do what you love ? and make a difference in our world. Perhaps it`s time for you to share the gift of yoga with others. As a yoga teacher, you`ll enjoy a rare opportunity to be involved in the personal and spiritual growth of others.