Your move to head India and enjoy an Ayurvedic retreat in Kerala can turn out to be memorable if you allow the traditional treatment methodology to heal your mind, body, and soul.

The reluctance to maintain a balanced lifestyle has taken a toll on the majority of the global population. Today, many people are seen suffering from chronic body pains and other ailments, which earlier generations only witnessed during their old age. To make things worse, there is the hectic routine that never leaves you to take special care of yourself. But, do not feel distressed as you can still turn back your body clock if you decide to follow the steps of the Yogic tradition. Particularly, if you choose to spend a few days enjoying an Ayurvedic retreat in Kerala, it can work wonders!

Features that make an Ayurvedic retreat in Kerala unique

In Kerala, Ayurvedic tradition originated more than 5,000 years ago. Since then, new methods of treating through Ayurveda have kept on developing till date. No doubt, Kerala leads when it comes to Ayurvedic retreat in India and in fact, anywhere in the world. Apart from getting the chance to experience the regular spa therapies, yoga sessions, and stress relief programs, your Ayurvedic retreat in Kerala will become special due to the following reasons:

  • A Chance to get treated in a natural surrounding: When in Kerala, you can opt for a complete Ayurveda and Yoga residential packages in order to get the best treatments and therapies. Typically, these packages include a stay in an Ayurvedic Healing Village, where you get a majority of health benefits. Although designed with keeping the age-old traditional values intact, these villages can perfectly suit your modern lifestyle. Your brief stay in the healing village includes regular therapy sessions, yoga, meditation, as well as cultural activities and excursions.
  • Quick restoration of health and wellness with Ayurveda: Resorts providing an Ayurvedic retreat in Kerala take particular care about your specific needs to regain the natural energetic self at the earliest. Accordingly, they plan your entire therapy schedule with certified and trained therapists. These professionals mainly focus on rejuvenating your stressed body and mind by applying multiple treatments. Through these specialized spa therapies and wellness treatments, you can be sure to get rid of chronic back pain, arthritis, overweight, and work-related stress.
  • Holistic cleansing through the Panchakarma Method: When you are in Kerala for gaining health, you must not miss the chance to undergo Panchakarma treatment. This world-famous cleansing therapy utilizes “Five Procedures” to free your body from all sorts of impurities and common ailments. After attending the Panchakarma treatment, you normally witness a state of equilibrium in your body.
  • Special training sessions to enrich your knowledge: Quite interestingly, retreat packages in Kerala also provide you with the opportunity to explore the Vedic legacies of Kerala. If you are planning to try your hands in Ayurvedic Cooking, then here you can definitely get an instructor who will provide you proper assistance. Apart from Yoga, you can also learn the various forms of Kalaripayattu in order to elevate your body and Self to a higher state of consciousness.

How visiting Kerala can enhance your wellness quotient?

Situated in the extreme South of India, Kerala is blessed with ample greenery and breathtaking landscape. Popular as a gift of the Arabian sea, Kerala boasts of scenic hill stations, exotic beaches, elegant waterfalls, and beautiful backwaters. In your free time, you can hit the road to explore its deep-cut valleys, high mountains, and rainforests.

The combination of a spiritual and Ayurvedic methodology is one thing that actually makes this South Indian state the most sought-after destination for gaining health benefits and peace. The plethora of health-enhancing options that you can get by choosing an Ayurvedic retreat in Kerala is hard to get anywhere else. Let your soul wander in the outskirts of Kerala backwaters to experience the once-in-a-lifetime feeling.

Manmohan Singh has been a practitioner of yoga and Ayurveda for the last 12 years. He is managing director of Rishikul Ayurshala, an authentic Ayurveda training institute. The Institue offers ayurveda courses in Kerala India and ayurveda cooking classes in kerala India. The institute’s goal is to provide the simplest healing solutions and treatments for multifarious health problems. Apart from the institute management, Manmohan Singh loves to spend time writing, doing photography and traveling.