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YogiGym® is a Canadian company and we are proud to bring you the most ethically produced and eco-friendly suspension sling available. Each YogiGym® is carefully manufactured by hand and made from 100% Recycled Parachute Material.

The YogiGym® Suspension Sling comes in it’s own matching knapsack with a set of nylon, hand-knotted attachment ropes in their own bag plus 2 sets of metal hooks and can be suspended virtually anywhere…door frames, trees, soccer goal posts, playgrounds, you can even suspend from a door!

Portable and perfect for travel, the YogiGym® weighs less than 3 lbs which makes it easy to pack or as carry on. When you arrive at your destination get quick relief from Jet-Lag and spinal compression following long hours of sitting in airplanes and airports.


Longevity & Anti-Aging
Reverse the signs of aging. Regular suspended inversions manage the adverse effects that gravity imposes on our bodies. As a result we will stand and possibly even be taller. Improved circulation affects the “glow” and tone of the skin and boosts collagen productivity resulting in firmer, smoother skin – a kind of natural facelift! With boosted lymphatic drainage and detoxification, visual signs of toxicity such as acne, cellulite, fluid retention, and varicose veins tend to reduce. Inverted positions also help reposition prolapsed, protruding organs resulting in flatter midriff.

Mental Balance
Sleep better, feel better. The body relaxes up to 35 % more deeply when in an inverted position. Increased flow of nutrients and oxygen to the brain boosts mental function by 14% and stimulates neurotransmitter production which releases more of the “happy” hormones such as endorphins and seratonin into our system which results in a more positive outlook on life.

Improve Your Health
Reported benefits include improved circulation, joint mobility, spinal decompression, cellular oxygenation, enhanced neurological function, lymphatic drainage, enhanced immune system, improved digestion and elimination to name just a few.

Strength & Flexibility
A Total Body Workout. Full body workouts can be achieved with the YogiGym, a versatile portable gym ideal for Bodyweight Training, Core Enhancement. Strengthen counter-balancing muscle sets while also increasing Flexibility, Coordination and Proprioception ( Body Awareness)

Yoga Practice
Advance your yoga practice safely. Now even the more challenging yoga postures such as head stands, hand stands, arm balances and back bends become accessible and fun. Conquer your fears and overcome limitations while feeling safe and secure with the YogiGym.

The YogiGym comes available in 10 lively colour combinations and a children’s size as well.

Prenatal Yoga
An exceptional prop to optimize Prenatal Yoga practice and offer relief from the discomforts of pregnancy while preparing the body for an easier child birthing experience.


Learn to teach Suspension Yoga, Gravity Management and Aerobatics

With the YogiGym® teach clients at all levels how gravity can be effectively used as one of the greatest tools available in achieving wellness, fitness and healing. By implementing simple, customized strategies, your students will learn how to release muscular tension, increase joint mobility, develop poise and coordination, and slow down the aging process, all while having a great time!

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