By Jennifer Malisauskas

Leftover Hippies Incense is 100% All-Natural Handmade with love by the young hippie-mom Hazel Lynn from British Columbia, Canada.

Her unique line of incense are all made from scratch using all natural products, such as herbs and barks. Each scent recipe is her once unique creation and she personally makes every stick and cone.

All her incense are made with natural ingredients, so they are non toxic so they won’t  released any harmful chemicals into your home. Hazel’s incense is made with all natural ingredients Raw Herbs and Tree Bark, ie. real cinnamon bark, nutmeg, sandalwood, etc.

After a few weeks of testing each of the scents my husband and I feel in love with Hazel’s incense. We are particularly fond of Cinnamon Sage, Sandalwood Vanilla and Vanilla Spice. Discovering an incense with a subtle scent that leaves a wonderful smell throughout the room without being overpowering is great. We can’t wait to order more.

I totally recommend ordering one of the sample packs so you can try out the 8 scents so you too can discover which will become your favourites! There’s a 16 sample pack featuring 2 of each scent : Cinnamon Sage, Cinnamon, Holiday Spice, Vanilla Spice, Vanilla, Sandalwood Vanilla, White Sandalwood, Red Sandalwood.  Each scent is individually packaged. Plus you have 2 format s you can choose from either 4″ incense stick or 1 1/4″ incense cones sample packages.

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