by Karen Birkemoe

The third book in the Planet Girl series demystifies yoga and reveals how this ancient practice can be a key part of a modern-girl life. By bringing together body, mind and breath, yoga can help girls focus, de-stress and even avoid sports-related injury. All it takes is a patch of level ground, a few minutes and an open mind — it’s that easy.

What a find! My daughter loves this book and so do I. The book has a wonderful approach to teaching yoga to young girls. It does a fabulous job of staying true to the essence of yoga, it inspirationally introduces the more deep yogic elements such as breath work (pranayama), meditation and yogic philosophy, showing the reader that she is nothing other than an open minded and intelligent individual. Strike a Pose is a keeper, perfect for any girl who wishes to embrace the ancient practice of yoga.
– Jennifer Malisauskas, director of Yoga Directory Canada®

Strike a Pose delivers yoga knowledge and know-how in a fresh way and steers clear of the fluff. The anatomically articulated illustrations clearly depict basic and more advanced poses, while the stay-open ring binding is perfect for hands-free posing. Girls can also pump up their practice with tips on mastering yogic flows, breathing exercises, meditation, mantras and more.

Girls can:

  • Loosen up with Cat pose — the purr-fect stretch for flexibility
  • Stand tall on legs made strong with Warrior pose
  • Show grace under pressure balancing in Dancer pose
  • Use yoga to help improve their game and cure headaches, nervousness and cramps
  • Make their own yoga accessories, including a Mat Bag

The Planet Girl series puts stylish self-expression into the hands of girls. Offering DIY crafts, clothing, bags and accessories, as well as lifestyle activities such as yoga, this new series keeps girls’ budgets in mind while delivering how-to instructions and advice for the cool stuff and activities they crave.

About the Author

Karen Birkemoe is a certified yoga instructor who has been a Hatha yoga devotee since she was just a wee yogini in Canada. She first trained as a yoga teacher at the Yoga Studio in Toronto, Ontario, and has since studied in India and Australia. She currently lives in Sydney, Australia.

About the Illustrator

Heather Collett is a freelance artist who works in web design and also designs skateboard and snowboard graphics.

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