New Leaf Yoga Foundation is a leader in Canada making yoga and mindfulness-based practices available to youth. Our organization has spent the last 8 years delivering long-term, sustainable programming to youth in some of the least-serviced communities and facilities in the Greater Toronto Area and southern Ontario, including within primary and secondary schools, custody facilities, gang-exit initiatives and homeless shelters.

Join us for this 15-hour introductory training where New Leaf will share our best practices for making yoga accessible and relevant for young people in diverse and sensitive environments. The training primarily focuses on approaches for youth aged approximately 10-20 but material can be adapted for younger age groups or other demographics.

May 29 – 31, 2015
Artscape Youngplace
Toronto, Ontario

All proceeds go to support New Leaf Yoga Foundation’s yoga programs for youth in marginalized communities. Limited sliding scale spaces are available.

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