Written by Avinaash

I am Yoga.

I see every morning millions of people wake up, get ready for work, get back home in the evening and retire for the night. In the midst of the mad rush that they call ‘everyday routine’, they manage to find time to eat, socialize and try and lead as happy and peaceful a life as possible.

I see millions of people suffering every morning from the ‘hyper active brain syndrome’ and from the chaotic traffic. It is thus, but natural that they become prone to ‘gentle frowning’ at other road users in the morning and ‘not so gentle frowning’ in the evenings, because, after all, they are tired from the stresses of the day.

Millions of people take vacations because they need a break. I, Yoga, observe that they come back from these vacations not refreshed and rejuvenated, but more stressed out and tired! Then they say, “I really need a break, otherwise I will break!”

Till a few years back, I was debunked by many people as yet another marketing gimmick by yet another multi- national out to make a quick buck. Now however, I find that people are more receptive to me. In fact, in many countries across the world, I have become a part of the daily routine of millions of practitioners. This since, I promise to give the real rest and rejuvenation that people crave for.

Once the people started practicing whatever I had to teach them, the results began to show within the first week itself! The first thing I noticed was that the people were now standing up straighter and were no more slouching while working on their computers. Yes, I had helped improve their postures. Now, many of them realize that improving the posture was just the tip of the iceberg, because just this one improvement has helped improve many other aspects of their health and well being.

Going further, as a result of few weeks of regular practice, people’s digestion has shown improvements by leaps and bounds. They now realize that a peaceful tummy directly results in a peaceful mind. This in turn allows them to work more efficiently, which means they now get to spend more time at home with their families.

The people completed their ‘Induction program’ and began to religiously practice my teachings at home. A few days later (48 days, because that’s how long it takes a human body to readjust itself), they began to realize that the benefits they were reaping went far beyond just the body level. There were subtle changes that they noticed- for ex. they found that because they had greater energy levels, they could concentrate for a much longer time on the task they were doing. They had indeed become an example of “Do one thing at a time, and do it right the first time”. Secondly, they now find themselves to have calmed down by an amount, which they describe as- ‘tremendous’! They no longer have the morning hyper active brain and they no longer frown (gently or otherwise) at other road users.

As they delve deeper and deeper, they realize that I, Yoga, and my close friend, Meditation are closely linked. As they practice of my teachings along with meditation, they find that day after day, they enjoy a real break- a daily vacation for mind and body that allows for them to relax, rejuvenate and re- energize themselves.

I am Yoga; I have changed the lives of millions for the better. Is it not time for you to give me a chance to improve your life as well?