Written by Nora Benian

Yoga is many things to many people. A stress reliever, a treat, an exercise method, the thing to do right now and many other things too. The word yoga actually means “union, to yoke or bring together.” But what are we bringing together? Mind, body and soul, Ourselves with the universe? Yes to both, but what else is happening? What is that ahhh feeling we experience during and by the end of the yoga class? I believe it is returning to ourselves that feels so good.

Our lives require us to alter our energy frequencies to communicate with all kinds of different people throughout our day or week. Children, partners, bosses, friends from different times in our lives and the many people we interact with daily at the bank, grocery store or anywhere else we find ourselves. In order for us to have a successful communication with each one we must alter our energy frequency to harmonize with theirs or at least not conflict with it. We shift through many frequencies while we travel on the subway, listen to the radio or enter foreign territory like the hood you don’t live in. Our resonation brings us to places we like or feel comfortable in but our work or compassion for others may bring us to places we aren’t quite comfortable in. Yet we do our best to adjust our vibes to harmonize with those around us to do what we are there to do. It is true that we become like those we spend time with. Empaths are quite familiar with this. Most of us though, aren’t even aware that we do this regularly everyday. It is this altering and adjusting our energy frequencies that tires us out and exhausts us,
especially our nervous systems because of all the processing.

Due to your body’s tendency to resonate like a tuning fork, and to change its vibration to match the frequencies in your environment it can be easily camouflaged by lower vibrations like worry, panic, envy, anger and fear that may not even be your own.

Considering all this, how can we go on living the lives we have set up to “work” for our greater purpose without becoming exhausted or loosing sense of who were are? We must maintain a solid feeling of who we are to continue to do our life’s work. What can we do spend more time in our frequency? Well, Yoga of course!

We are becoming better at disciplining ourselves to go to yoga class, to eat more healthy, to balance work and family life and so on. But are we returning to ourselves often enough to live in our own energetic frequency? Nothing feels quite like your home. If we could be in our favourite element all day everyday we wouldn’t be exhausted, we would be energized, happy and able to give our energy to others freely without feeling drained. Where is that place for you? For me it’s on my mat, no matter where I am.

Keeping a mantra is very helpful because when practiced regularly you only need to recall it once to bring yourself back to home. It can be done silently anywhere and this is why it is one of the best methods. But I find the most transformative method of all is through the breath. One can change their vibrations radically with conscious breathing and along with intention, anything becomes possible to bear or return from. We say “Let Go” and this can be confusing as to what we really do. Letting go is not about sacrifice, it’s simply about returning to being, being in one’s own frequency, centering, like making it back to home base, safely.

Realize that that odd feeling of home is really freedom. Practice it, revisit it whenever you are feeling drained or lost or just at the end of the day to re-energize and wash away what isn’t yours. Its like going to bed clean, and waking up clean. It feels so good, like Home.

“You are never more essentially, more deeply, yourself than when you are still”!
Eckhart Tolle