It’s clearly been an interesting couple of years for the Montreal Kirtan community started by Lea Longo, Montreal kirtan chant artist, founder of the Montreal Kirtan Group and the Montreal Yoga Music Kirtan Festival which holds its 2nd Chant Festival June 15-and 16, 2013.

It was only 6 years ago that Lea, a former pop/jazz-singer-songwriter, discovered mantras while visiting India. She quotes, “It was like I was immediately healed with the power of the chant. I remember tears falling down when chanting Om Tare Tuttare Ture Swaha, a healing chant…it changed my life, music and voice”.

When I came back to Montreal, I realized there was no Yoga of Sound classes and no kirtan anywhere, so I started leading kirtan myself. We were just a few people, now we are between 20-30 people at every kirtan.

Since India, Lea pursued mantra music and chanting at a deeper level, becoming herself a Kundalini Yoga instructor and recorded 2 mantra albums, ZEN VOYAGE, and PEACE CHANTS. She travels with her musicians sharing her passion for chanting and yoga chant retreats. Her music can be found on her website

Her vision is to build kirtan in Montreal, although the Montreal Kirtan community is still relatively young, this hasn’t stopped mantra chantress Lea Longo for creating an official kirtan association where folks gather every 3rd Friday of the month to chant together. “I am confident and excited to see where Kirtan in Montreal will be in 5 years from now and we are excited about our events especially the MONTREAL YOGA MUSIC FESTIVAL”