Written By Claudiu Trandafir

The Spiritual Heart is our essential and ultimate nature, the ineffable dimension of our being.

“In the spiritual traditions of India, as elsewhere, the ‘heart’ refers not so much to the physical organ as to a psychospiritual structure corresponding to the heart muscle on the material plane. This spiritual heart is celebrated by yogins and mystics as the seat of the transcendental Self. It is called hrid, hridaya, or hrit-padma (‘heart lotus’). It is often referred to as the secret ‘cave’ (guha) in which the yogin must restrain his mind. In some schools, notably Kashmiri Shaivism, the word hridaya applies also to the ultimate Reality.” Georg Feuerstein – Encyclopedia of Yoga

Become physically comfortable. Take a moment to come into stillness. Breathe. Simply direct your attention toward the chest area. That very fine and discreet vibration which is awakened there, in the absence of any thought, in the quietness of the mind, is the beginning of a sacred tremor, the most direct experience of the Spiritual Heart. Please relax yourself, take your time and close your eyes for a few seconds while you allow this vibration to arise. Can you feel it?

This subtle calling of infinity, radiating from the chest area, is the most expressive and intimate representation of the Heart. Please open yourself to this sacred tremor of the Heart, because contained within it is the communicative warmth of the Truth. The real essence of the Spiritual Heart lies exactly in this tremor, this very intimate vibration. Give yourself the time and peace to feel it profoundly.

In our times, the connection between our superior intuitive intelligence and the Heart has mostly been forgotten. Traditional ideas about the Spiritual Heart can be applied through practical meditation techniques. The Heart, seen as an organ of direct knowledge, can and should be trained constantly in order to increase its purity and capacity to love, witness, and surrender.