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Written by Bram Levinson

YogaFlo for Peace with Jennifer Maagendans

The past decade has seen a collective global movement towards yoga and its subsequent physical, psychological and emotional benefits. Along with this movement has been a considerable influx of instructional DVD’s and “how-to” guides, all of which have contributed to the collective good but have often emerged as pale comparisons one to the other. One DVD that has made an appearance in the market that definitely does not follow any path previously cultivated is YogaFlo for Peace with Jennifer Maagendans.

An inspiring and challenging Vinyasa-based practice is explored in this new release from Montreal-based Jivamukti certified teacher Jennifer Maagendans. With clear direction and explanation of postures and alignment, this DVD offers the full range of variations for each posture, along with 70, 60 or 40 minute Flo classes. The aim of the practice is to invigorate and awaken dormant energy while bringing about an overall sense of peace and awareness. With packaging made from all vegetable inks and recycled cardboard, and $1 of every DVD sold being donated to Equiterre (a Quebec-based organization dedicated to empowering citizens to make environmentally and socially responsible choices), this DVD sets itself in a class of its own.

The obvious benefits of the practice quickly make themselves known after a few run-throughs, and one is left with not only a subtle infusion of energy, but with a calm and peaceful smile that will lead the way through life.[/su_column] [su_column size=”1/3″]yogaflo_lg

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YogaFlo pour la paix DVD

par Bram Levinson

Exigeant et revigorant, Yoga Flo pour la Paix stimule les sens et nous inspire à rechercher la paix dans chaque moment. Cette pratique réveillera l’énergie intérieure dormante, tout en calmant l’esprit et en occasionnant un sens aigu de sensibilisation. Prenez plaisir à cette pratique de yoga dynamique dirigée par Jennifer Maagendans, propriétaire de studio de yoga et professeure certifiée de yoga Jivamukti, avec de la musique originale composée par Jason Kent.

Pratiquant le yoga depuis 1996, Jennifer est une ancienne gymnaste et détient un diplôme en études environnementales. À titre de professeure de yoga, ses cours mettent au défi tant le corps que l’esprit. Son approche d’enseignement sur le bonheur et la paix intérieure, tout en renforçant le lien avec la terre. Jennifer enseigne présentement au Centre Luna Yoga, son propre studio situé dans le Vieux-Montréal.