Written by Mother Maya

On the Living Ahimsa World Tour, Maya Tiwari (Mother Maya) presents the imperative work for each one of us to take back the world of love, inner harmony and happiness. She teaches us to cement the indelible bonds that bind us together as a human family—love, humor, enlightenment, kindness and compassion. The perfection of the present time makes it possible for each one of us to harvest our serenity.

This is the momentous period when each and every human being will have the unprecedented opportunity to invoke their rite of consciousness. We have arrived at the Golden Age. Five thousand and eleven years into Kali Yuga, as predicted by the rishis whom, eons ago, identified this phenomenal period of universal time. Whether or not we chose to participate in awareness, the universal space and time in which we live is fashioning a new order rooted in the cosmic wisdom of her age.

At this moment, our minds and hearts are being retooled with sentiency necessary to meet the cosmic requirements of a new emerging reality. To rise to the demand of our own personal power, we have got to be prepared to do the inner work to cultivate awareness in our thoughts, speech and action. Living Ahimsa is a perfect work of our Golden Age. For this, we must take the necessary time to pause, to step back from our overdriven and challenged lives so that we can create the space to grow. Let this loving Living Ahimsa event be a dedicated time for awakening the heart. In creating the inner space to let go of expired karmas we are summing up the courage it requires to assimilate into an open light of the awakened heart. In this way, we can move in harmony with the cosmic sway of our new era.

mandala-group-brazilUltimately, the work of Living Ahimsa restores the spiritual voice. We must take back the world of harmony from the political and religious authority in order to bring an end to the propagation of war, battle, competition, seizure, acquisition, and the general degradation of nature. At this very moment, everything is being changed forever. The worn-out approaches have lost their power for us. The paradigm of leadership is rapidly changing across the global landscape. The traditional model of hierarchal control and patriarchal command is swiftly falling apart. Living Ahimsa brings about a renewal of spirit; an infusion of purpose and meaning that is already taking shape in the formation of love, honor, harmony, and prosperity for all. In this new epoch where harmony rules, we are apt to be inspired by the collaboration, authenticity, and empowerment of all cultures.

Since the advent of 9/11, and throughout her Living Ahimsa World Tour, Maya introduces the extraordinary practice of The Vow of Ahimsa, already taken by more than 150,000 participants around the world for the imperative awakening of individual awareness and global consciousness.

Maya has been touring the world since 2009 sharing her vision for world peace through the teachings of Living Ahimsa. Come and join Maya Tiwari in this epic experience where you learn the timeless practice that heals, nourishes and nurtures your body and mind. Gather in the spirit of community and friendship with Maya Tiwari, mother of ahimsa.

Please join Maya Tiwari and the profound work of Living Ahimsa during her Living Ahimsa World Peace Tour ~ Canada 2014. For full details and registration visit: www.ahimsalifecanada.ca